Transcription Services Myanmar

Transcription is the art of creating text version of an audio or video. There are so many dialects or accents diverse from an original language. For example, dialects used in states or districts are so different even to listeners who use the same mother tongue, in Myanmar. And in English language, there are American English, British English, Scottish English, Australian English and many more. To avoid missing main message what speakers intend to convey, professional transcription is required.

Your brand may draw broad target audience/ customers and enhance your prospect and success by getting professional transcription for your audio or video.

We, TheArk, offer professional and reliable transcription services and make possible for all types of file formats regarding your demands and needs. And more importantly, TheArk has been endeavoring to offer transcribing sign language with the hope to build bridge between differences.

TheArk currently offer English transcription services in the following fields:
✓ Audio transcription
✓ Video transcription
✓ Medical transcription
✓ Academic transcription
✓ General business transcription
✓ Interview transcription
✓ Survey transcription