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Language Pair 1: English to Burmese

Language Pair 2: Burmese to English

TheArk team currently provides Burmese to English and English to Burmese translation services and transcribing services for those language pairs. TheArk team normally prioritizes the natural translation which is more effective in reaching out the broad audience from all kinds of social status. Some might say natural translation is not enough in terms of accuracy for some specific subjects where translator must adapt the source words, not having the direct definition in target language. In that case, the team take the natural translation to the level of professional translation. If you ask us why not literal translation? Burmese language culture is totally different from English language culture.

Word by word translation does not work with Burmese translation. For instance, if we use English as a source language and Burmese as the target, “I go to school” will be translated as “I – to school – go” in Burmese.

Translating into Burmese sometimes is lost because of wordiness and this problem is common in technical translation. Myanmar people adopt almost all English technical terms directly, e.g., computer, laptop, CD drive, keyboard, selfie, application, software and so on. With that, when we are asked to adapt them into Burmese language totally, translation becomes wordy and less effective. It is when we work as a team to decide the best shape of translation, pithy and precise. We make sure the most effective word choices which help target audience understand more than ever without failing.

In Burmese language, formal and colloquial is so much different in terms of word choices, tone, and sentence structure. The tone of the source language or the client’s needs and demands are necessary to decide which approach to use in translating.

This explains why you need to choose English < > Burmese translation services with great care.