Core Values


We do take our commitment lightly and do anything within our power to achieve our goal, total customer’s satisfaction.

The integrity and honesty are also unwritten rules among the team members because of course those plays the vital roles to build trust between members. So TheArk may immediately stop working with them. We assume that integrity is something to maintain while dealing not only with the team members but with our clients.

Integrity and honesty define the image of TheArk.


Quality is the key factor to gain long-term achievement and client’s trust. We consider Quality control process as our priority if we are going to stand strong in this industry and it is also a truth that quality in translation industry talks so much and can affect in great degree.

That is why we do not give a chance to miss anything in quality control process and we are determined to succeed any barrier at any cost just to keep the quality of our work.

Quality defines our capabilities.


TheArk is all about the teamwork. We believe only teamwork empowers individual strengths and we are just sailors on the same boat who have the common goals with the awareness of responsibilities. Whatever we do, we work and operate as a team and benefit together from it.

Teamwork is one of the infrastructures for the success of TheArk.


In translation industry, quality and well-organized process are the trump cards of great success. Every and each team member is responsible for the team success. Accountability is the mandatory among the members.

As service providers, we are accountable for the services we offer. Since we intend to help our clients to broaden their horizon, we hold responsibilities until they achieve what they want.

So, rest assured and work with us.