Core Team

TheArk team is a private team. Here there are sales team, project management team and translation team and the number of team members are minimalized for now. That leads to select the competent and capable members only for the team, so the minimalized number of the team members is more than enough to operate the process quickly.

Whenever a project comes in, the salesperson, project management team leader and translation team leader have to discuss over the information and references which might needed while translating and how to conduct the process. The salesperson leads to collect information and references out of the results of previous discussion, form the clients. Then the project management team takes over the project and continue to design the pre-translating stage, i.e., the timelines and uniform/ terminologies for the project with the translation team leader and the salesperson who participates only as an advisor. With the leading of the project management team, the translation team starts TEP process or as per the client’s demands. The salesperson and project management team take responsibilities to ask for the client’s approval for any issues of ongoing project. This is the brief description of what our core team does.

Core Team members perform and participate in almost every step of the whole operations. If you want to know more about the core team members, kindly contact

TheArk Translation Team