The Reason you should Localize your Content in Myanmar

For the global growth of your products, you need to consider the localization strategy. There is always cost to doing business, of course. Localizing your product or brand might cost you a great money. But when you aim to expand the global reach of your product or brand, localizing is the certain proof way always assuming you of a great number of the potential customers.

In Myanmar, you definitely need to translate or localize the content of your business no matter what kind of product or brand you are going to bring to them. I would love to point out a very good reason why translating and localizing is a very basic step which help your business reach right to the customers very efficiently.

Every year, EF Education First have the adults taken the EF test and rank the countries by the equity of their English language skills.

Myanmar have made in the rank table in 2018 for the first time and annually appeared in there since then. 112 countries made in the index last year, 2021 and Myanmar was 93 which means “very low proficiency”. Among South East Asia countries, Singapore and Malaysia made it high enough to be considered very high proficiency and high proficiency.

The above image is from EF EPI website. As you can see, while Singapore made in the Very High Proficiency Group, and Philippines and Malaysia in the High Proficiency respectively, Myanmar could be seen in the Very Low Proficiency along with Cambodia and Thailand. Here is the Asia Countries list.


So this is a profound reason. Once you decide to expand your brand in Myanmar, you should consider first how to reach your audience, users or customers. With localizing the content, your products would seem more appealing to Myanmar people, allows them to learn about business, products or brand without barriers and increase your customer base.

Most of the products distributed in Myanmar now have localized their content, descriptions or specifications which help the people understand more and allow them to use them very conveniently.

Well, I strongly suggest you to translate or localize your business if you aim to expand the global growth and you definitely this strategy in Myanmar.


Original Writer: Shwe.San

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