TheArk Translation Team

Know about us

TheArk is a private team of freelance translators founded in 2021 by a passionate and well-experienced translator in Myanmar. Because of pandemic and crisis situations of Myanmar in 2021, many in-house translators who have not many experiences in hunting projects by themselves, have become unemployed. That is when the idea to build a private team is generated.


3 Reasons why you should work with TheArk team

We know what we are doing

TheArk team is founded by a translator and project manager who are experienced and currently working in this industry. As we have been in unforeseen circumstances, we recognize a whole range of probabilities and possibilities ahead of time and we formulate the team into a working system.

variety of expertise

During initializing our team, we take time and focus on only experienced linguists with a combination of language proficiency and subject knowledge who have already managed their career successfully. Medical, Technical, Business, Legal, Marketing, Video games, Literary or you name it.

Reliable Process

As we mentioned in Translation Service document (in Media page), pre-translation, translation + Editing + Proofreading and delivery are the fundamental of our process. These three steps are designated with the aim of consistency and quality for the project. We have made sure this continuous process helps to speed up the whole project and to ease the workload of translators.

Our Services


Globalization has opened doors to lot of foreign opportunities. To grasp these opportunities and go worldwide...


Transcription is the art of creating text version of an audio or video. There are so many dialects or accents diverse...


Multimedia or rich media advertisements are now the best and most effective way to get the attention of target...

Dubbing Translation

Dubbing translation means that we may have the scripts in readiness for voice-over process. For this service,...

Language Availability

TheArk team currently provides Burmese to English and English to Burmese translation services and transcribing...

We pledge

What we deliver is not less than the BEST!